I was appointed by Senator John Whitmire to the Juvenile Justice Committee.  I worked closely with Senator Whitmire and Representative Harold Dutton in the drafting and passage of House Bill 2398 that changed the school truancy laws from a criminal charge to a civil case.  This ended the school-to-prison pipeline where over 400,000 children were being charged with a Class C misdemeanor, creating a criminal record for children sometimes as young as ten years of age.  I began work on this in the 2011 legislative session, then continued into the 2013 session, and was ultimately successful in 2015 when the governor signed it into law.

I was appointed by my fellow Justices of the Peace to the Harris County Juvenile Board and serve to make sure our juvenile justice system is fair and safe for our children.

I serve as the Security Chair for all sixteen Justice of the Peace courts and currently am working to create a safer and secure environment for not only the county employees who work in the courts but also our citizens who use the courthouses daily.

I serve as the chair of the caseload equalization effort among the sixteen Justice of the Peace courts to provide better utilization of county resources and convenience for Harris County citizens.

I have worked extensively with Harris County Commissioner Jack Mormon to bring Wi-Fi access to the numerous community centers so that school children can use the Wi-Fi for their homework.  I am working with Constable Eagleton on a joint effort to provide tutoring through the Constable’s office utilizing Wi-Fi in the county facilities.

For the first time in a decade, I brought back Teen Court to my court.